Let's face it, getting your Senior Pictures taken is a big deal and IT'S All ABOUT YOU

That's why we personalize every session to you, to your personality, to your style.  We want the photo to document who you really are.  

So we don't limit the number of outfits you wear or how many pictures we take We'll Make You Look Good!  


The Session will include indoor and outdoor shots with approximately 2 1/2 hours coverage.  We spare nothing with our coverage because like we said, IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU! 



Bring what you like to wear often and bring something your mom would like to see you in.  Bring nice jeans and worn jeans.  Bring T-shirts and dress shirts.  Bring dresses and tank tops.  Bring hats and sunglasses.  Bring jewelry and different style shoes.  Don't worry about matching it up - we'll help you do that.



Bring a nice dress outfit but also bring the clothes you wear when you are just hanging out with your friends.  Bring the outfit you would wear when you're looking to impress someone for the first time.  Bring all the different style clothes that you like to wear.  That includes hats and different style jeans, T-shirts, crazy shirts, sunglasses, shoes, and if you are into sports bring that stuff too.  Oh, and if you have a sweet ride you want to take some shots with - for sure bring it.


We are committed to you and your wedding day. We offer many wedding packages including packages for the parents. We are open to creative ideas and are flexible with time and locations. We can shoot many different styles for you, such as formal, journalistic, classic, retro to modern and fun!


I shoot each wedding personally, call or email me for a free consultation.  



Professional portraits by PBD can tell the story of your family throughout the years. These family portraits are especially important as new additions are welcomed, kids grow up, or everyone is home for a visit after they’ve finally left the nest. Extended family photos can be a lovely way to include grandparents, aunts and uncles and others in the family photo album. Picture PBD provides quality family photography and produces lasting reminders of the loved ones with whom you’ve shared your life.


I like to have fun. So your session will be fun. My style is relaxed and natural, if you are looking for traditional posed photography, then I am probably not the photographer for you.  I love to use natural backgrounds, so I don't have a problem with on location sessions. A Session can take place outdoors, in your home, or at my studio in Clear Lake, Iowa. We will do a consultation prior to your session so that we can be prepared to have a fun time.

I also photograph newborn sessions, including maternity sessions. Newborn sessions are for babies 3 weeks and under and are best if done within the first 7 days of life. If your thinking of having one of these sessions please contact me prior to your due date. since we don't know when your bundle of joy will actually arrive, I will need to make my schedule flexible.

Ask about our baby plans. These plans include 4 sessions between 3 and 15 months. Give me a call or text me at 641-231-1109, or use the contact form and shoot me an email. 


Pregnancy is a time of excitement and anticipation for the arrival of the newest member of your family. PBD can help capture that excitement and create memorable maternity portraits that will evoke that feeling of anticipation for years to come. Maternity photography can be intimidating for some women, but the friendly, experienced staff at PBD can make expectant mothers feel and look beautiful. Our maternity photos showcase that special glow of joy and loving anticipation for the new arrival


Hey pets are family too! at least they think so anyway. Mine do and they have become the best photo subjects ever.


Pet sessions tend to take a little longer sometimes 1 to 1 1/2 hours. The first 15 to 20 min's is meet and greet time, I want your pet to become comfortable with me and my camera. With some dogs this is easy with others not so easy. Cats are another story and could take even longer. The most important thing with pet sessions is time and patience.

The location is up to you, but the best location is in your pets natural environment where they feel the most comfortable. I do bring treats and engaging toys, but if your pet has a favorite toy, please do bring that to the session.