Weddings are not about photography.

Weddings are about two people joining their lives together.

I simply document the wedding celebration with my camera.

A wedding day celebrates the joining of two lives surrounded by family and friends, and my goal is to create photographs of unscripted moments in a day abounding with ceremonies, schedules, and plans. To achieve this, I remain as unobtrusive and inconspicuous as possible, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the day. Besides some relaxed portraits, none of my photography during the day is staged. The resulting work. whether in my portfolio or among my latest weddings, is a subtle and unique documentary vision of your wedding.

You have questions, though. Here are some answers.

What's a wedding day with you like?

One of the best compliments I receive about photographing a wedding is, "I didn't know you were there." I'm not there as an organizer or guest. I want to be invisible so you and your guests can enjoy yourselves without the pressure or interference of mugging for a camera. I don't even use a flash unless it's absolutely necessary (such as dancing), and even then it's not on my camera.

What about portraits?

Portraits are an important part of the wedding, so we spend a few minutes making those. But I want you to return to the festivities--that's why you're there. I'm not really interested in creating "the epic shot" or being published in wedding blogs. The small moments--just before walking down the aisle, a quiet moment together, a glance, a laugh--these are what I quietly seek: the real, human parts of your wedding. (I'll photograph some details, too, but I like people more than things!)

How much and what's included?

Screens are wonderful, but a photograph is meant to be printed--a real, tactile object--which is why prints are included with your wedding. Additional coverage, prints, albums, and high resolution digital files are additional options. I'm available for travel & destinations.