Let's face it, getting your Senior Pictures taken is a big deal and IT'S All ABOUT YOU

That's why we personalize every session to you, to your personality, to your style.  We want the photo to document who you really are.  


Bring what you like to wear often and bring something your mom would like to see you in.  Bring nice jeans and worn jeans.  Bring T-shirts and dress shirts.  Bring dresses and tank tops.  Bring hats and sunglasses.  Bring jewelry and different style shoes.  Don't worry about matching it up - we'll help you do that.



Bring a nice dress outfit but also bring the clothes you wear when you are just hanging out with your friends.  Bring the outfit you would wear when you're looking to impress someone for the first time.  Bring all the different style clothes that you like to wear.  That includes hats and different style jeans, T-shirts, crazy shirts, sunglasses, shoes, and if you are into sports bring that stuff too.  Oh, and if you have a sweet ride you want to take some shots with - for sure bring it.