What is Tween Photography?

Tween photography is all about capturing that challenging age between 9 and 14 where your

child is growing and changing both physically and emotionally. They're no longer little kids and want to assert their independent style and interests but they're not quite as independent as they think and still need guidance from mom and dad. It's about capturing an age that is filled with transition and growth- documenting it, celebrating it and hopefully showing your child that it isn't so bad.

Tween portraits can be scheduled as short sessions (about 40 minutes) or full sessions (about 90 minutes). Your tween will have the opportunity to make all (or as many) of the creative decisions as they like. From what to wear to where to have the session. This experience gives them the opportunity to create and celebrate their unique look.

Is Tween Photography for my Tween?

We’ve all been there. We bring home that brand new baby and our cameras are constantly out capturing every magical first! The first smile, the first time they hold their head up, the first roll over, the first Cheerio… Everything is new and exciting and we don’t want to miss a moment of it!

But then something happens after that first day of Kindergarten. For many, they go from having every exciting milestone documented to not much of anything. Often our kids are only captured in snapshots and yearbook photos.

Then before you know it, your baby is headed off to middle school and there it becomes harder and harder to take a good picture especially for the yearbook. I’ve seen the embarrassing yearbook pictures and while as adults, we know that everyone goes through that awkward stage, when you’re a kid in the middle of it, it can be a real blow to your self esteem. Nobody wants to have the photo that everyone makes fun of.

What if there was more to the picture than just

the bad yearbook photo?

Adolescence is challenging and the challenges seem to start earlier and earlier. There is so much pressure from friends and from the media to look and be a certain way. It can be hard for tweens -kids between 9 and 14- to be confident in who they are (especially the girls). I want to help these kids to build up that confidence and having a gorgeous photo of yourself can be a start. This is what Tween photography is about!

But it’s not just about the photo. It’s about the experience! Being creative! Getting to choose your own style and location and attitude! With my tween photography sessions, I invite your child to be my partner as we create images that show the world how amazing they are! And parents, these special sessions also capture and celebrate your older kid as they transform from little kids into teenagers. In each image you can catch glimpses of that sweet baby that you remember!